12-Step Non-Medical Rehabs Kill Thousands While Making Millions.

The “Recovery” industry is killing thousands while making millions. Most 12-Step rehabs provide no medical diagnosis or medical treatment for what is a proven medical condition.  No honest treatment center has a treatment plan in place before you arrive. That is a medical impossibility and a violation of the most basic of medical ethics.

Only a medical doctor can diagnose a chronic medical illness. Addiction is no exception, yet every year thousands of Americans are told that they have the disease of addiction or alcoholism by people with no medical credentials whatsoever. This unethical and perhaps illegal diagnosis is based on nothing more than behavioral symptoms.

There are numerous medical conditions other than addiction and/or alcoholism that have heavy drinking or drug use as behavioral symptoms.  It requires a comprehensive medical diagnosis to determine what true medical issues are present, and what the appropriate treatment is for the individual patient. Despite this obvious fact, people are still being sent, often against their will, to so-called “treatment centers” where they are told that they have a disease, but are denied any comprehensive medical evaluation or professional medical care.  This is a multi-million dollar “Rehab Racket” that is costing lives and making con men rich.    NEVER send anyone to a rehab that evaluates your insurance but does not offer complete medical diagnosis prior to forming a treatment plan.

REMEMBER: If they have a treatment plan in place for you before you arrive, DON'T GO TO REHAB!   It is impossible to form a treatment plan for any medical condition without a medical diagnosis.

 If all you do is make someone stop drugging or drinking but don't diagnose the medical reason why they were doing so, you may be responsible for their death. The real first step is CALL A DOCTOR, preferably an addiction medicine specialist.

Don't let some old drunk practice medicine without a license.Only a medical doctor can diagnose medical conditions. 

12-Step and other "recovery" programs can be excellent life-enhancing support groups, but they don't treat any medical condition.  If you or someone you love is having issues with alcohol or drugs, the real first step is to contact an addiction medicine specialist.  

In California, call (800) 444-1838  or to find the medical professional near you who specializes in addiction medicine, click this link, or cut and paste into your browser.  http://www.healthline.com/doctors/addiction-medicine-specialist 

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