In my many years as a true crime writer and investigative journalist, I know that the best cops can think like criminals, and sometimes they are the same people. The recent book Betrayal in Blue exposes the blatant criminality of Michael Dowd and Ken Eurell when they were in the NYPD. Those guys could think like criminals because they were criminals.

I’ve also learned that most law enforcement officers and agents are fundamentally incapable of thinking as if they were major mobsters or small time crooks. That’s good news for them and their families. It is the very lack of criminal mindset that hinders investigations and often has well meaning and dedicated detectives spinning in circles. [here comes a mixed metaphor/simile mash-up for which you must brace yourself like Jerry’s Kids on Labor Day Weekend]..and chasing red herring down a dead end street into a box canyon constructed of false assumptions and erroneous preconceptions.

When it comes to any organized or disorganized crime investigation, you are blessed if you can get someone on the inside to teach you what’s real and what’s media hype, criminal exaggeration or the cops having it all wrong to begin with.


More than thirty people were charged by federal authorities in a massive illegal gambling, money laundering, and extortion scheme tied to Russian organized crime, according to an indictment in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York.

The operation allegedly involved two criminal organizations, which catered to millionaires, billionaires, and poker pros.

That sounds interesting – how about this?

Miami becomes ‘Little Moscow’: FBI says Russian mob eclipses Italian Mafia in South Florida

Who is going to know more about the Russian Mob than someone who was raised on Russian, and born into the world of international crime? Stanley Nechayev meets that criteria, he even lives in South Florida, and has enough symbolic body art to validate his career.

Stan won’t talk to just anybody. I’m not just anybody. I’m the legendary Burl Barer, and he talks to me.

He would also talk to Howard Lapides because Howard survived 89 days with Paula Abdul, and that earns the respect of anyone who has lived life on the edge,

Listen this Saturday 2pm Pacific Time / 5pn Eastern Time when a retired Russian mobster who is a loyal listener of our show, joins us on True Crime Uncensored.

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