94 year old woman goes to sea

Thea_20foss Okay, click to enlarge — but it still wont be as big as it really is. That’s the THEA FOSS.  Anyone who has read my brilliant book CAPTURE THE SAINT knows about this boat. If you don’t know by now, don’t ask.  On the 17th of May, my mother celebrated her 94th birthday on this fine vessel — and we had a dandy meal, too.

Mom had fun,and enjoyed having her three kids with her — Stan, Jan and ME!  My son Jordan was there, and Stan’s (and Alta’s)son Aaron, and Stan'[s  daughter Leigh, and their respective kids, and the weather was marvelous!!!

I’ll  be back in the City of the Angels Saturday morning…more blog stuff pics and hot news upon my return!

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  1. John Hill

    Ahhh yes and my best to your mom whom I met several years ago in the Springs. Good to see you with the family. My best to Stan too!Thanks for directing me to your blog with it’s self-efacing and humble title; gentle really,kinda snugly and warm! Why in the old days I would have expected to see ENJOYABURL, DISCERNABURL, or even perhaps DEPLOREABURL and INCORRIGABURL. But times change as well as hairlines unfortunately. I shall call when you return to the land of Milch & Homily.


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