A Burl Barer True Crime Extravaganza for the Holidays!

Yep, tis the season to stock up on true crime non-fiction thrillers by Burl Barer!

If you're getting a Kindle or Nook for Christmas, load that baby up with books by Burl Barer!

If you love those paperbacks, I keep em comming!

Fatal beauty coverFATAL BEAUTY — Rhonda Glover pumps Jimmy Joste full of hot lead because she believes that he and G.W. Bush are having sex with clones in a cave under her house. In Texas, that's not going to get you an insanity defense. 

While you're grabbing FATAL BEAUTY, make sure you also grab Murder in the Family, Broken Doll, Mom Said Kill, Head Shot and Body Count.


Order them today online from your favorite bookseller such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, Indibound, Alibris and many others….remember BUY THEM NEW, NOT USED!!


MOM SAID KILL Body Count New Cover

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