A Mighty Steed, a Cloud of Dust, and a Hearty Shadoe Stevens!

Horse lovers of America are thrilled to support After the Finish Line.

Caring for racehorses once their track days are over is a vital part of
the racing industry. Public awareness has continually grown since the 1980's and
nowadays no one can say they are unaware of the perils racehorses face if they
are abandoned once their racing careers are over. It can be a very rewarding
experience to know that by simply getting involved, one has contributed to
improving, or even saving, the life of one of our noble athletes. It is a cause
I wholeheartedly endorse.

To keep these magnificent creatures alive, healthy and appreciated, visit AFTER THE FINISH LINE.  It's worth the click!
cabo wabo radio'
Sammy Hagar likes to party. Shadoe Stevens 
knows how to rock n roll…put em together and you get Cabo Wabo Radio — non stop party 24/7!

You don't have to be a  vomiting  drunk to  enjoy the fine things in life…in fact, NOT vomiting  IS one of the fine things of life…you  can  thrill to the best rock from around the world  without losing your lunch or  what  remains of your fragile  sanity when you  imbibe the audible intoxication of CABO WABO RADIO programmed for Sammy Hagar by  Shadoe Stevens…yes, the same famed Shadoe Stevens who intones the  phrase , "and  now, Craig Ferguson!"   Shadoe became a DJ at the tender age of eleven years old, and he doesn't look a day over  …well, he's the same age  as I, and I look pretty damn good..despite  being blind in one eye and having almost as much hearing loss as  Pete Townsend of THE WHO! 

Shadoe and I were together Saturday on Matt Alan's show live from the Lighten Up Lounge on Outlaw Radio. Matt, Shadoe and I took turns talking up to the vocal of Bitch by the Rolling Stones. Yes, none of us stepped on the vocal, and we all sounded like living examples of the Bill Drake maxim: "K
eep the forward momentum going. People tune in to hear the music."  Not bad considering Outlaw Radio is a talk format!

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