"Today is the day that is filled with surprises, nobody knows what’s gonna happen" — Anything Can Happen Day theme song from Mickey Mouse Club.

Yes, it is May 23rd — the Day the World Ended.  In case you missed this fact of history, it was May 23rd 1844, that the world as people knew it ceased to exist. POOF. All GONE.  For the limited number of people on the Gregorian Calander, it was 2 hrs and 11 minutes after sunset, May 22nd.  But as days both begin and end at sundown for those who follow religious calenders, it was 2hrs and 11 minutes into May 23rd when, in less than a twinkling of an eye, all creation was, either metaphorically or actually, re-created and every atom was endowed with a new power, and vibrating at a new frequency. Nothing would ever be the same again. The old order ended, and a new order spread out in its stead. Here is a great multi-media presentation on the event.
Not fiction – fact.
Time began speeding up. A year earlier, the UK patent office closed down because "everything that would be invented had been invented." WRONG.
More new things became manifest between 1844 and 1944 than in all previous history combined.
May 23rd is also the day I died — temporarily, as proven by the fact that I am still alive. I had a heart attack two years ago on May 23rd, and dropping dead saved my life. Had I not died when I did, I would have died in my sleep while napping on the plane back to Los Angeles. Also, having the heart attack about a block away from Stevens Hospital in Seattle meant I had no damage to my heart as they got me into the hospital immediately. Yay!
So, life ended and the world ended on May 23rd. The world, and I, are still here, although vibrating at a new frequency.  The earth vibrates with potential, I vibrate because of this really nifty battery powered pillow I bought at Rite Aid on sale.
May 23rd, 1844

3 Responses to “A DAY TO REMEMBER”

  1. Mike Barer

    It’s rather ironic, that the Woman’s basketball coach, June Dougherty had a heart attack yesterday, and survived because she was waiting for a physical. That was the top sports story.

  2. DogsDontPurr

    The world ended and began, you died and were resurrected, and I was born. Oh, and Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down. May 23 is an amazing day!

  3. burl barer

    Happy to hear that Alan is recovering. I wonder what the ramifications would be if he had actually died from laughing. I recall a game show in the UK where the winner was so thrilled and excited that they died of joy. A video of the event was given to the family so they could see that their loved one died happy. I dont know if it would have been good publicity or not for Comedy Central if Alan laughed himself off the planet.


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