Acid Flashback??????

Is it coincidence?  I was unpacking some books that I sent from Seattle to Los Angeles, and putting them on a shelf by the computer. I decided to take a break after placing Dr. Albert Hoffman’s book, "LSD: My Problem Child" on the bookcase. I clicked "Stumble!" (this takes  you to interesting websites that others have stumbled upon) and guess what came up by pure coincidence —
Dr. Albert Hoffman celebrating his 100th Birthday!
Hoffman is the scientist who, in 1947, discovered LSD and was the first person to ingest it —  taking the most famous bycicle ride in history.  His ride, second only to that of Paul Revere in fame and legend, has been immortalized in numerous works of art, including this one:

Happy Birthday Dr. Hoffman.

3 Responses to “Acid Flashback??????”

  1. DogsDontPurr

    Mmmm…LSD. I guess he was right, if he’s lived to be 100 so far, it must be harmless…and maybe even good for you!
    Too bad it’s illegal.

  2. Mike Barer

    You mentioned harassment of minorities in Walla Walla on Steve’s blog. I do not disagree with that. But police harassment and profiling is a universal problem. It exists in Seattle and Los Angeles. In addition, the blanket statement that Walla Walla is all rednecks is a tired old cliche that is far from accurate. There are rednecks in Walla Walla, there are also thoughtful, well versed people like you and I.
    As far as Jesse, I don’t know him, but I would like to know more about this story.
    I happen to know that Walla Walla has had a hispanic mayor.
    I think maybe one reason that I’m a little more vocal is that I have encounter people with pre conceived notions since I am from Walla Walla. Even amongst Jewish people.

  3. Burl Barer

    Mike — My favorite “profiling” story involves Britt and I driving from Seattle to Walla Walla on a lovely Sunday evening…we were in that big white Buick Park Avenue that was my Mom’s, then my Father in Law’s, then mine. We were just outside Yakima, with the car set on cruise control, when we were pulled over by a cop. There was no reason to pull us over at all. Britt asked me “Why in the world is he stopping us?”
    “Because,”i replied, “he thinks we are Mexican.”
    Sure enough, the cop was terribly flustered when he saw the very Norwegian Britt and the obviously non-Hispanic Burl. He explained that he stopped us to warn us about the danger of Mexicans on the highway! “be on the lookout , they might go the wrong way on the freeway and hit you,” he said.
    It was in Lynwood, Wa that I was stopped for a DWBMOB (driving with a black man on board). My passenger was pulled out and maced by the cop for no reason whatsoever. We were both taken to jail. I was falsly charged with a DUI that cost me $7,500 to have thrown out. He, being beaten and maced, was released without being charged with anything.
    Jordan (my son who, for those of you who don’t know, is black)and I were targeted for severe questioning when I hung around and waited for him to get off work, and for Britt to pick us up. The “investigator” demanded to know what we were doing “hanging around” outside QFC (jordan works there). When I said “I’m his father,” the guy looked at me as if I were a liar. Just then Britt pulled up. “There’s his mom. Excuse us, we’re going home” And the guy seemed horribly confused. After all, black and white together MUST mean TROUBLE!
    Walla Walla is not all rednecks, by any stretch of the imagination. June 18th is the Diversity Multi-cultural arts festival in Pioneer Park. I may MC it again this year.


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