Addicted to Broadcasting, I couldn’t resist SHERMAN’S LAW

ShermanslawI had a fun radio surprise this week. Mickey Sherman asked me to call in to his live show SHERMAN'S LAW  Thursdays 4:00-5:00 pm Eastern time on 1490 AM WGCH.  What a kick!  Mickey and I have no trouble getting on the same wavelength, and I had a blast.  The show will be up in Mickey's archives soon, and I'll steal it and put it on my player as well.  While I was talking to Mickey, I got a phone call from the Travis County District Attorney's Office. Obviously, I wasn't about to ignore the DA, so I put my daughter on with Mickey. No problem, as Anea is a broadcast pro herself. She was doing radio and television commercials when just a little kid, and has handled "traffic" for more than one radio station. 
I have always loved radio, and the highlight of my week is co-hosting TRUE CRIMES on OUTLAW RADIO with Don Woldman, and then sticking around to play with Matt Alan and the Demons of Decadence in the Lighten Up Lounge.
I'll be back on the air LIVE this Saturday starting at 2pm Pacific time (10pm UK time).  For info on our guest, check out the show's website.
Mickey Sherman was also a guest on True Crimes, and you can that show by clicking this link!

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