Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin: My Latest Rant

BURL BARER – Opinionated social irritant, NYT Bestselling Author, and host of the award winning podcast, True Crime Uncensored,  Barer also serves on the Advisory Board of Writers in Treatment, publishers of the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin.


The April 14th edition of the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin. is another thrill packed example of the vast diversity of interests, issues, scandals and nonsense that is the world of addiction/recovery.

Here is a sampling of the mind bending, gut wrenching, thought provoking or mildly amusing stories:

  • How treatment centers that rely on group therapy and one on one counseling function in an atmosphere of social distancing and isolation – two big enemies of sobriety.


  • Working from home offers more distractions and more opportunities to undermine your own success by drinking and using various intoxicants at home.
  • An organization has been refusing to allow LGBTQ people – including medical professionals – to volunteer at its New York City tent hospital set up to help people afflicted with coronavirus.
  • Because of isolation and social distancing, human beings (being social creatures) spend more time on social media to interact with other human beings. Exploiting the natural desire for human interaction, entrepreneurs are calling it addiction.

(Okay, I interrupt this quick list of the cool stories in this week’s e-Bulletin to offer my own rational, evidence based opinion.  The business model revealed in the social media/addiction article is simply this: Anything and everything that you enjoy from sex to Twister or Monopoly is an “addiction.” True addiction can be seen on a CAT scan of your brain because it is an actual change to the “reward” and pleasure aspect of the brain.   You love to read? ADDICTION! You love to paint? ADDICTION! You love to socialize? ADDICTION!  Oh, grow up.)

  • When attending a recovery meeting in person could be a sickening experience, online meetings via zoom keep 12-step fans and other recovery groups connected.
  • Therapists go online to keep clients from falling apart in person during this virus crises.
  • For some people, staying sober is easier under the stay at home orders…meanwhile, the isolation of staying at home is driving others to drink,
  • Sports stars reveal sordid pasts as bottom-hitting drunks.
  • Bank robber pauses to take a drink. That’s what gets him busted. 
  • Substance use is going to skyrocket during this pandemic. During this time of uncertainty, some people may cope by using alcohol or drugs. Of those, an increasing number are seeking help.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith’s Mom Says Self-Quarantine Inspired Her to reconnect with sobriety groups.

That’s just a sampling of the stories culled from all manner of international news sources. There is always something to amaze, amuse or anger you – but don’t drink over it.  Subscription to the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin is free, and you can even advertise in it at amazingly reasonable prices considering the Bulletin’s continually increasing readership and popularity.

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Sense of perspective disclaimer: 97% of people who use drugs and/or alcohol have no problems related directly to the use of drugs and/or alcohol.  3% have problems from mild to severe. Sadly, that 3% is millions of individuals.

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