Amanda Lamb, Crime Hottie from CBS’s WRAL, joins us LIVE Saturday!

Amanda Lamb is one heck of a true crime journalist for CBS affiliate WRAL. You probably have seen her on CBS' 48 Hrs Mystery.  Well, the  highlight of her career is APRIL 3rd when she joins Burl and Don on TRUE CRIMES! Listen Live Saturday 2pm Pacific! 

"My goal is to cover crime stories in an accurate and timely manner. But maybe even more importantly, I am committed to handling the victims of violent crimes and their families with extreme sensitivity. I have been profoundly touched over the past few years by the people who I have met while covering their tragedies – the loss 

of a child, a parent, a spouse. Although some may see the stories I cover as depressing, I see them as an opportunity to show the public how even in the depths of despair there is always some glimmer of hope and humanity that allows us to better understand these situations. I am honored to be invited into the homes and the hearts of the people I interview. "

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