Amazing New Internet Toolbar!!

Forget all those other toolbars cluttering up your browser — I've got the best one ever — it searches, slices, dices, makes french fries…okay, slight exaggeration….but the best part is the name… is named


No kidding. It is a REAL nifty toolbar for your browser that does everything you need. Yes, you can have your very own BURL BARER toolbar!!

Get one now!


You can also have your very own TRUE CRIME AND.. toolbar linking you directly to all the cool stuff on my radio show! Wooo Hooo.

Speaking of True Crime — Steve Long, noted journalist and author who has been our guest in the past, is about 70 miles from the epicenter of Hurricane Ike. He has his cellphone on him, and tomorrow afternoon we will give him a call and see if he is underwater or underwhelmed!

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