SURVIVING GILLIGAN’S ISLAND  is out on DVD and I just couldn’t resist renting it, watching it, and hating myself in the morning. Well, I hated myself about 30 minutes after the DVD started running, forgave myself after 45 minutes, and solaced myself the following day with this troubling fact:

After 37 years, TV’s original and most loved castaways returned home to CBS where their original three-hour tour began. Bob, Dawn, Russell and  a whole new group of castaways gave fans this behind-the-scenes look at their years as America’s favorite survivors.

America, made the show a hit, the highest rated TV movie in two years! 

I repeat:

America, made the show a hit, the highest rated TV movie in two years! 

Okay i give up. Beat me. Then again, I’m still upset that I missed (a) the LaVern and Shirley Reunnion, and (B) the final episode of Howdy Doody.  Are THOSE on video??

Now if you will pardon me, I must go jump a shark.

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  1. Danny Barer

    My favorite episode of Gilligan’s Island is the one where they find out what’s beneath the hatch in the middle of the jungle with the unlucky numbers etched into it. Or perhaps the one where we found out Gilligan was on the run after having been convicted of killing his wife; and that he joined the merchant marine while searching for a mysterious one-armed man. Or the one where we learned of the Professor’s guilt over his involvement in the Manhattan Project. Yes, Gilligan’s Island was a sad, strange atoll . . . .


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