American Justice — How Strange Can it Get?

American Justice is not about justice. Ask any defense lawyer or hamstrung prosecutor under pressure to convict the accused even if they are blatantly innocent — if you can make the case, you can win the case. It’s not about what’s right, it’s a game. Sadly, the defendants are not seen as people but as game pieces in an overcrowded and chaotic system where prisons are an industry. 

 One recent guest on our show confirmed that when she was a prosecutor, she was instructed to prosecute someone even though the person was clearly innocent of the charges. It isn’t the way it is supposed to be, it isn’t the way we imagine, and most of us are never ever aware of just how insane the situation is until we find ourselves in the middle of it.  This week, our first guest is a family man working in real estate who suddenly found himself surrounded by police and blocked by a SWAT team. “We’ve got you now,” they exclaimed. “Got me for WHAT? I’m evaluating real estate!”  Bottom line: he pleads guilty to something, anything to avoid  protracted entanglements and knows he only has to seve 12 months and it all will be over.  What happens in those 12 months will leave you drop jawed and stunned — the abuse behind bars was nothing compared to what happened to his life andf family while he was gone — thousands of dollars in fraud committed in his name, using his identification. “It was rather difficult for me to be driving a new Mercedes and buying a condo in Marina Del Rey while I was behind bars.” Out now with his prison time behind him — although he served almost a full year more than he was supposed to — he holds no ill will. “I just want others to know what to expect if they get caught up in a criminal justice system that is more criminal than just.”


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