An ounce of truth is worth more than a Kilo of BS

The Rehab Racket hits a new low – look at this headline from the latest Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin:


No kidding…and that’s just the warm up act for the hottest collection of the weird, wonderful, inspirational and off the wall and hot off the e-presses news from the obsessive compulsive world of overpriced drugs, under-loved users, exalted losers and profit crazed pharmaceutical companies. Other thrill packed stories in the latest e-Bulletin include:

How Big Pharma got addicted to Big Profits

Women Recovering from Human Trafficking AND Addiction

Recovery and Sobriety During Quarantine

The Importance of Getting Someone off Drugs

Social Distancing — A Wet Blanket Between the Sheets

As if being gay in Minnesota wasn’t tough enough…

Letting go of Grief: Distorted Security in Familiar Pain 

Playboy model,clothed in the garb of sincerity, expresses gratitude of sobriety.

Danny Trejo packs a humanitarian wallop in every taco!

And there is so much more in this issue, and every issue. If you haven’t started your 100% FREE subscription, do so immediately because (1) it is the one item in your email that you anticipate with a combination of eagerness and trepidation, (2) you don’t have to be all screwed up on drugs or so drunk that you slosh in order to appreciate the hard work and astonishing brilliance and humility  that goes into every edition. (3) The ads are as interesting as the articles — excellent information on various approaches to your health insurance coverage, and how to get a 28 day vacation from  getting high that may change your life and cost YOU zip.

If you hear your friends and family laughing, crying, mumbling, swearing or exclaiming praise with great zeal, chances are they are reading the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin  Click this link and signup

If you have a product or service of value to those in recovery, those who want to be in recovery, and those that could care less but could soon care more, contact Writers in Treatment at  818-762-0461 for super value-added advertising packages that are intoxicating by virtue of their reach and frequency — that’s advertising lingo for how many people are reached, and how often.


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