Ann Rule and Burl Barer. Yes, we know each other.


     I am often asked if I know

Ann Rule . Yes, Ann and I know each other, and we had a glorious time
together a few years back teaching and mentoring at the Widbey Island
Writers Conference.  She is a kind and gracious lady, and has always
been most supportive and encouraging.  We both had books nominated the
same year for the Anthony Award for the Best True Crime book. My
nomination was for MAN OVERBOARD; hers was for DEAD BY SUNSET.  Ann’s
book won the award, and I was thrilled at my nomination.  Neither of us
realized at the time that "we"  show up in each other’s books.  Ann
Rule’s daughter appears in MAN OVERBOARD because she is a friend of one
of the main characters.  My family appears in DEAD BY SUNSET because
the victim worked for my brother’s law firm. What are the odds of that?
haven’t seen Ann in some time as both of us are busy writing, touring,
and investigating, but it is always a pleasure to share time and space
with one of the world’s most popular true crime authors and, more
importantly, fine human being.

Burl Barer

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