Anthony Flacco Wins Same Award as Kerrie Droban! They don’t even look alike!

I make a big deal out of Kerrie Droban winning the USA BOOK AWARD for True Crime, then they announce the NEW winners….and this year it is our buddy Anthony Flacco, winning for his brilliant book, The Road out of Hell.Road-out-of-hell-cover-sm
Kerrie won for best True Crime book of 2008, (awarded in 2009) and Anthony won for 2009 (awarded in 2010). 

Kerry Droban

 I didn't win either year. I think I see a trend.  At first I thought it was about the big hair….but Anthony doesn't have big hair. Do you think perhaps it could be about the quality of the book and the writing? Hmmmmm.

Well, I'm always happy when friends have success. I'm even happy when anybody has success — I know how difficult it is.  Which reminds me…I think I have a book to write.

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