Anyone hear how the Election turned out?

There  was a Presidential election in the United States Tuesday, and although I cast my provisional vote (they couldn't find me on the rolls), I was so busy combing what's left of my hair that I missed the results. Did Dewey win?

Over at FOX News earlier today they were doing their usual "fair and balanced" coverag — scrolling text of "Lynch Him" under pictures of Obama while their "reporters" (two guys in white shirts, ties, and back packs) tremulously warning us that roving gangs of Black Panthers were holding innocent white supremists hostage in an illegal Taco Bell franchise in an attempt to control the vote.  That's about when I decided to start combing my hair. 


Andy Kahan, Victims Rights Advocate from the Houston Mayor's Office was our guest last Saturday.

Here is the link to download the show if you missed it. For some reason, the first couple minutes are missing. Don't know why. Enjoy it anyway.

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