Astonishing Prices for Books by Burl Barer!

Murder in the Family by Burl Barer….only $54.96 New! 
Murder in the family

Oh, c'mon.  You can buy this one new for $6.99.   I don't begrudge the fellow selling it for almost $60, but you can buy it new for the normal price from your favorite book seller.

Another "bargain" is my novel, HEADLOCK….someone is selling it new for the amazing price of $84.29. As it is out of print, I don't make a cent no matter what you pay.  You can pick it up as a library discard for ONE CENT plus shipping if you do a search.Headlock by Burl Barer (2000, Paperback)


A wise investment would be to advance order my forthcoming book

 FATAL BEAUTY from your favorite book seller. 

Fatal Beauty Cover

Headlock by Burl Barer (2000, Paperback)

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