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After five best selling true crime books, four of them for Kensington’s Pinnacle True Crime series, you might think I’d had enough of psychotic killers, rapists, and nut-cases. HA!
Think again.
The overworked Micheala Hamilton, editor in chief at Kensington Publishing Group, and I just reached an agreement for me to crank out two more true crime masterpieces for that fine publishing company.

The first of these, MOM SAID KILL, will detail the shocking story of Barbara and Heather Opel, mother and daughter, who murdered Barbara’s generous employer in front of his elderly mother, made off with his furniture and $40K from his bank account. Heather was about fourteen years old at the time, and Mom promised her a new dirt bike for helping in the murder. The kid never got the dirt bike. 
Research begins February — the manuscript will be delivered in six months.

The second book is about …well, we haven’t exactly decided yet, but I’ll keep you informed. In the meantime, buy and read all my previous true crime books from Kensington’s Pinnacle True Crime series to get yourself in the mood for more.

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up for a year of deadlines and possible keyboard fatigue.

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  1. Anea

    Hey, I’ve seen “Mother may I sleep with Danger”…. It was TERRIBLE, but did make me laugh 🙂
    Love you papa! And congrats again on the new book deals!


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