Okay, I’m a Bad Uncle. I actually said something shocking about my adorable, charming, talented, and peculiar nephew, Tod Goldberg.   Close_tod_face (click image to enlarge) I also neglected to mention that Tod’s soccer trading card is more popular than Pele’s, he is the new quarterback for the Raiders, and just signed with Parade Magazine. His new featured column will track the career highlights of child star Corra Sue Collins through the decades. Corasuesoap 

<<< Corra Sue Collins with her collection of "Scrappy" toys.

Amazing as it sounds, Tod manages to take time from his important,respectable obligations to appear in the new reality TV series, Beach Party Bukakke.  You can’t mistake Tod — he’s the guy clutching his Nutty Buddy in one hand and his brown trout in the other. Nuttybuddybrown 

Brown_trout Forgive  bad Uncle Burl for mocking your amazing shape shifter abilities — your other talents and accomplishments are quite admirable.

You can see Tod Goldberg and his bad uncle at Men of Mystery in Irvine, California in October, 2006.

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