Bank of America keep screwing up and screwing my nephew Tod.

My nephew, Tod Goldberg, is having an amazing adventure with Bank of America, (aka Financial Spawn of Satan) — he pays his mortgage, then they take it out of his bank account again, and again, and again.. They didn't pull this stupid stunt once, and once only. Nope. It's now become an ill-informed life-style choice. 

Tod is not alone in the battle of sane behavior vs Bank of America. It is for this precise reason that there are websites such as "Bank of America Sux"  and the ever popular, "I Hate Bank of America."

I'v had my own fascinating conversations with BOA — including the one where they meticulously detailed exactly how they were violating Federal Banking Law in their fee methodology.  When I sent the transcript of the conversation back to them, with a friendly  message that I was forwarding it on to the appropriate Federal agencies, my funds were remarkably and instantly restored. 

3 Responses to “Bank of America keep screwing up and screwing my nephew Tod.”

  1. Anotherone Screwed

    Power to you… BofA has wrecked my life!!!When I get out of my mortgage, I will NEVER do business with them again!!!!

  2. Josh

    Same here…BOA has hurt my credit refused to help with my now 200k underwater home that they assured me was the right purchase at the time. They make promises that are NEVER kept…I truely wish the feds would have let them drown!

  3. Renee

    I hate Bastards of America too! They are quite efficient at packing large numbers of idiots into several different call centers & the customers are the ones who suffer. My current issue (issue of this month) is that they sent my insurance company a letter telling them I do not live in my house. Funny- because I sleep, eat, shower, mow the yard at this address…pretty sure that means I live here. It is a pain to get my insurance reinstated. This is the third year in a row that they have done this to me. I am considering filing a class action lawsuit since I believe this is just another way for them to make money (if my homeowners ins cancels I will be forced to buy BoA’s version of h.o. ins.) If anyone knows of an attorney who specializes in c.a. lawsuits- or if you would like to be involved in a c.a. lawsuit against Bastards of America for the wrongful cancellation of you homeowners ins, please email me at


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