Barer and Girardot craft new True Crime book for Wild Blue Press

See that headline? Well, it’s not just some silly rumor — it’s a promise!  Award winning journalist and world renowned true crime commentator Frank C. Girardot and I have been having fun cranking out a few mini-true crime features as tie ins to DEADLY SINS — to mixed reviews — but we were testing our ability to merge our styles and attitudes as warm ups to giving you a full length NEW TRUE CRIME BOOK  of murder and mayhem.

burl and frankFrank and I found the story — the bizarre death of a beloved Los Angeles educator (also named Frank) with a special gift of reaching and uplifting troubled and disadvantaged youth.  Allegations and suspicions of “WHO MURDERED FRANK” were rampant, and his widow was badgering police to bring an alleged vengeful pedophile to justice — a perverse character who was out to repay Frank for the humiliation of having his sexual indiscretions revealed.  The biggest challenge was something that coroners usually figure out within 24 hours — no one could determine the cause of death because of one simple fact: Frank was in perfect physical health — too healthy to be dead!

<<<<<Frank Girardot and Burl Barer together under one umbrella! 

The medical examiner was stumped — no matter how many tests, no matter how intensive the autopsy and repeated lab work, this man’s only health issue was death!  It took two crafty L.A. County Detectives, a relentless widow, and a strangely cooperative primary suspect to reveal a twisted plot of deception, trickery, lies, fraud and intentionally misleading clues and “evidence” that would, in the process, reveal an alleged SECOND murder more disturbing and shocking than anything these seasoned crime fighters have ever encountered.  

To tell more would require spoiler alerts, but stay tuned as we are working like mad men to give you a slick combination murder mystery and true crime expose that will keep you turning the pages until your jaw drops in disbelief at one of the most shocking allegations in the history of contemporary true crime!

While you wait, amuse your self by making sure you have your Burl Barer book collection up to date!

And, YES,  I am still working on the climax of THE SIGN OF THE SAINT — a new full length Simon Templar novel. It has been delayed due to other projects intervening, but I promise it is ALMOST READY for submission to the Estate for their approval or pre-approval suggestions.  


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