Fatal Beauty CoverThe nice folks from I.D.'s BEHIND MANSION WALLS are coming to interview me next month for an upcoming episode based on my book, FATAL BEAUTY, the story of beautiful Rhonda Glover who pumped 13 bullets from a Glock 9mm into her boyfriend of 15 years, Jimmy Joste.  Joining me on the show will be Jimmy's long time pal, Danny Davis. 


MOM SAID KILL I also taped an episode of DEADLY SINS for a show based on t
he case in my book, MOM SAID KILL. And we may also be doing an episode adapted from my book Murder in the Family.
Murder in the Family'


All in all, I'm doing more television than ever, including some really cool stuff on Hart Fisher's AMERICAN HORRORS channel.  I have taped a variety of things for Hart, some with my old radio saddle pal, Don Woldman, although this stuff isn't a TV version of TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED.   There is a fabulous True Crime Author roundtable featuring Lowell Caufiel and Fred Wolfson, plus a tear-jerking and gutsy interview with Jeri Estes.  Look for these TRUE CRIMES TV specials on American Horrors in 2013.  I think 2013 is going to be a good year!  Now, if we can just get true crime (non-fiction thrillers) back into airport book stalls, that will be a plus!


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