Let the countdown begin…… October 25th is the official release date of BETRAYAL IN BLUE, the REAL inside story of the infamous “betrayalinblue_concept1_var1Cocaine Cops” of the NYPD — Mike Dowd and Ken Eurell.  There were two ways to make big bucks in the Big Apple: sell drugs, or rip off drug dealers.  They did both, and didn’t worry about the cops because they were the cops!

Drug dealers with a badge, criminals in a squad car, their “Losers Club” drug ring was raking in a fortune while the NYPD big brass looked the other way because the city didn’t want another scandal.

This is the drug / corruption scandal that rocked the NYPD, and ken 4am the 75 1985made Mike Dowd and Ken Eurell the #1 and #2 most corrupt cops of the NYPD.  Now, Ken Eurell joins with Burl Barer and Frank Girardot, Jr to tell the inside story of how he first betrayed his oath, descended further and further into a life of crime and corruption while wearing the badge of the NYPD. and then having to choose between keeping his mouth shut, or saving his partner’s life — either way, he knew it would be seen as Betrayal in Blue.


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