Blaspheme for Dummies

Unlike the USA’s First Amendment, assuring freedom of speech, the UK still has Blasphemy laws. These  Blasphemy laws in the UK only protect Christians – not Muslims or Jews – and
historically only the Church of England. It is deeply prejudice,
intolerable and confusing that we still have such laws. Thankfully the
European Courts, British legal community, Lobby groups and British
politicians have spoken out against the blasphemy laws. The blasphemy laws are one
last legal pillar of Christian intolerance and bigotry.

What is blasphemy in one culture is common practice in another. Drinking wine is forbidden in Islam, for example, but mandated for Catholic Communion.  Jews keep their heads covered in a House of Worship as a sign of respect; Christians take their hats off in Church as a sign of respect. 

Muslims rightfully are offended when there are cartoons depicting Muhammad. This is not unusual.  Drawings depicting Jesus were ruled offensive and forbidden by the Church — a ruling obviously long ignored and over-ruled by popular custom.   
It is simply a matter of mutual respect to not purposefully insult the respectful beliefs and practices of others.

If it is rude to rub pork on a Rabbi’s hat, I can’t imagine any kind person doing so. If it is rude to publicly display 8X10 glossy photographs of the Messiah (autographed or not), then no respectful person would do so — although there should be no law preventing it. 

True religion is about liberation from oppression and freedom from superstition and ignorance…sadly, those who think that the Unknowable Essence, the motivating power behind all worlds, seen and unseen, is weak and defenseless behave as if suppression is imperative, and ignorance something glorious.

It was the Prophet Muhammad who said "Seek knowledge, even unto China"
Abdu’l Baha wrote: "Truth is truth, whatever the book, whomever the Prophet"
and Ian Hunter sang: "God said to me, I’m gonna kick your ass…"

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