Blatant Self Promotion

Ads by AdGenta.comWhen I discovered early on that no one cared about promoting my books even half as much as I, I set out on a dedicated plan of making myself the literary equivalent of a carnival huckster. I may have irritated fellow authors with my over the top "vegematic" approach, but I honestly attribute the nomination of MAN OVERBOARD for the Anthony Award in the Best True Crime category to BSP — Blatant Self Promotion. Ok, they may call me a whore, but at the Mid-Atlantic Mystery Convention (total people attending approx 400) I sold 110 hardback copies of that book, and Meg Chittenden almost bought it twice out of cumulative confusion. Yes, I have eased back on the hard sell since my career has veered off into sordid and serious true crime rather than genre bending satire, yet I stand poised to once again hawk my wares with relentless zeal when the occasion calls for such regrettable, yet profitable, behavior.

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