Blind Author Battles Depression.

One of my remarkable characteristics is my ability to be happy most of the time. This is not most of the time. I see the eye specialist Monday. Actually, if I coud see him I wouldn't need to see him, if you know what I mean.  This being half blind business is aggravating. I bump into things and people, and everyday I wake up more pissed off that "the operation was a success" but success does not equal sight. Thank God I still have one eye that works well enough to see with lenses, but I don't have the lenses. Get the picture?

My favorite line from our new President's innaugeral speech is the one line that got some jerks irked. He actually included ALL AMERICANS in his speech. GASP!! He actually spoke truth. We ARE a nation comprised off all sorts of races and religions — that is supposedly what America is all about. To pretend this is a "Christian" nation is offensive — we are a secular political body assuring freedom of religion. There is a wall between Church and State — no establishing of a State Religion, not in the USA! When the President factually mentioned our diversity, some hard core fanatics were upset that he dared include ALL Americans — Jews, Moslems, Hindus..he didn't mention Zoroastrians, but we have them too. 

One more thing — I am behind deadline on my  new book. It is driving me crazy. Everytime I turn around I bump into another problem on either the photos, the release forms, or the manuscript. This too shall pass, but right now I'm ready to crawl under the covers — but i don't have covers, either!

By tomorrow, I'll have cheered up I hope. Not having my medications I'm sure effects my mood, and not having any way to get them effects my mood too. Now, where did I put the razor blades and the handgun?

Listen to my radio show tomorrow, please. Details at

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