Sewer rats?  Any post with sewer rats in the title gets more hits, although people with a sewer rat problem, obsession or erotic fetish will be irked that there is nothing about sewer rats in the body of this post.

MAN OVERBOARD continues selling well and garnering mostly positive reviews, and award winning director Matthew “Son of Cinema” Berkowitz insists he wants to do the movie version.  The brilliant and affable Daniel Genis is polishing the treatment, and I’m waiting for someone to write me a check.

HEADLOCK : A Jeff Reynolds Mystery is coming soon from Wild Blue Press.  This is the first in a series of private eye mysteries starring ME! Well, not actually.  The hero is younger, better looking, stronger and his “audiographic” memory is still in fine shape while mine has declined over the years.  He is no smarter than I, so that means he screws up a lot.   I wrote this rave-reviewed literary masterpiece in Walla Walla, Washington, amcfeely street viewnd much of the action takes place at the McFeely Tavern.




Being an author is heaven and hell in one never ending homework assignment.  If you didn’t enjoy writing term papers, you won’t enjoy being an author.  It’s one massive home work assignment after another.

Right now, I have several homework assignment due.  “A Taste for Murder” (or is it “A Taste of Murder?”) comes out February with a tie-in TV special on Investigation Discovery’s EPIC MYSTERIES.

burl and frankCo-written with the brilliant and talented Frank C. Girardot, Jr., this non-fiction thriller is 99.9% complete, and will be in the hands of publisher Wild Blue Press on time and ready to be a best-seller.


The Sign of the Saint — a new Simon Templar adventure, has been “almost done” for far too long. I’m at the closing chapters, and while I dream of action packed endings every night, I keep wanting to revise the novel.  The more I revise, the farther I get from shore.  I need to follow my own advice. JUST FINISH THE DAMN THING!

My untitled examination of the strange case of the six software executives in Colorado Springs sent to prison for fraud fs shaping up, primarily through the efforts of others — the others, however, are all weighted heavily on the side of wrongful conviction. Someone must think they are guilty, or they wouldn’t be sitting in prison. Incarceration is no proof of guilt. I’m getting to the bottom of this, one way or another.

mcfeely street viewHEADLOCK — my well-reviewed but seldom purchased Private Eye novel is coming back for a second chance thanks to Wild Blue Press.  A new edition with snazzy new cover and most if not all of the typos fixed is coming out soon.

Audio books? You bet!  Man Overboard and The Alaska Mail Bomb Conspiracy are both now available as audio books from   Soon BODY COUNT and MURDER IN THE FAMILY will be available, too.





Wow!  I’m thrilled and delighted with the excellent narration of my books MAN OVERBOARD and THE ALASKA MAIL BOMB CONSPIRACY, both available right now from Audible/Amazon

Kevin Pierce narrates MAN OVERBOARD with a nice dry/wry tone, and James Edward Thomas captures all the high emotion of THE ALASKA MAIL BOMB CONSPIRACY perfectly.

Coming soon as audio books are two of my true crime best sellers -= BODY COUNT and MURDER IN THE FAMILY. I’m very excited about these audio books, just as I’m excited that is about to give the world by famous Private Eye novel, HEADLOCK, in a snazzy new edition with much fewer typos and a fancy new cover!

Frank C. Girardot, Jr and I have  crafted a fact crime mystery thriller for : A TASTE FOR MURDER,  This will also be a one-hour EPIC MYSTERY on Investigation Discovery in February, 2016

DEADLY SINS — that great show hosted by my friend Darren Kavinoky returns for Season Five — and guess who is invited back to provide more pithy commentary? Yep, the Legendary Burl Barer!



My brother, Stan Barer, has his birthday August 22nd.  Happy Birthday to Stan!  I’m rather proud of my brother because (a) he is a good brother — he even gifted me an authentic Stiletto knife when I was just a kid, and gave me his 1971 Datsun 240Z when I needed a car. (b) He’s done good things for America, including help Hubert Humphry with the Civil Rights Act, and who can forget the China/US trade deal?

My brother, despite never being in radio, knows how to use a microphone — especially a hidden one!

Stan  was in China in 1975. As an attorney, he was there to talk to fireworks manufacturers and exporters about a new U.S. regulation on labelling and testing. That he did. But he also wanted to find a way to resolve a long-standing collision dispute between a Chinese fishing boat and one of his client’s. For that, he would like to meet with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, at that time in charge of maritime affairs. Every day for eight days, as he travelled from Guangzhou to Beijing, he asked for an appointment. But no appointment. So, the night before the last full day in China, he and his wife Alta sat down by the table, under the chandelier, in their room at the Beijing Hotel. He said, Alta, I am going to read you a letter I wrote to Sen. Magnuson. “Dear Sen. Magnuson,” he read, “I know how important you believe trade is as a link. I work very hard to solve this collision problem so we can move on to re-establish shipping. But I can’t get an appointment…” He went all the way. He was really reading into the chandelier, with a listening device in it. Next day, it was the Great Wall. Stan and Alta were gone most of the day. Four o’clock, back in town. There were Red Flags, the VIP limo, parked in front of the hotel, waiting for him. He got his appointment with the minister, in style, through the chandelier. That was the beginning of the end of 30 years of no shipping between the U.S. and China.



When I was writing MAN OVERBOARD: TheMAN OVERBOARD Counterfeit Resurrection of Phil Champagne, I met Jim Bordenet of the United States Postal Inspection Service. I found  the US Postal Inspectors so fascinating that I planned to follow up MAN OVERBOARD with a book about their investigation of the ALASKA MAIL BOMB CONSPIRACY.

I made a publishing deal, but fate intervened: the publishing company was raided, the head guy went to prison, and the project remained undone for almost two decades  until R. Barry Flowers came up with the anthology MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME.  Included, at long last, was the story of the Alaska Mail Bomb Conspiracy.

Now, MAN OVERBOARD is back in print via Wild Blue Press, and the ALASKA MAIL BOMB CONSPIRACY is now also available as an audiobook from .  alamb

A famous director wants to make a movie of MAN OVERBOARD….of course I’ll believe that when I’m sitting in the theater munching popcorn as the opening credits roll and the check has cleared the bank,

In the meantime, enjoy MAN OVERBOARD, and make sure you get the new audiobook of THE ALASKA MAIL BOMB CONSPIRACY!








New York City, April 1994

Ann Rule and I had dinner together the night before the Edgar Awards, and she graciously shared stories of working and playing with Ted Bundy. She speaks of him with such fondness that, at length, I feel compelled to ask, “Ann, the Ted you knew, the Ted you liked, the Ted towards who you felt protective and encouraging was a cruel, heartless and perverse murderer. So, which was the real Ted, the nice self-conscious young man or the cruel egomaniacle serial killer?”

Ann set down her fork, and her demeaner turned suddenly sad. “Burl, the real Ted was the cruel killer. The Ted I knew, that was the Ted who wasn’t real.”

Ann’s THE STRANGER BESIDE ME, a compelling story of Ann’s “friend,” Ted Bundy, was the first Bundy book and it rocketed Ann Rule to the Best Seller list.  Many more have followed, each making a contribution to, and fueling our popular culture fascination with the homicidal sexual perversion of Ted Bundy.

Six years ago, Kevin Sullivan wrote tthe comprehensive book, THE BUNDY MURDERS.  Despite book shelves crawling with Bundy books, Kevin was sure there was room for a new, comprehensive book written after Bundy had gone to his eternal lack of reward.  He was right.  The book has become the ultimate Bundy reference, and revealed important new information.

Now, Kevin Sullivan is going on the road, retracing every step, every location, every homicide, lie, escape and ultimate intentional capture for his upcoming book   This week Kevin  is in the American South West  talking to law enforcement involved with the case as well as people who knew Bundy’s victims in order to provide an account of this infamous case like no other before. watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zYF0Fv0WIk4



The dead body on the bedroom floor was taken to the county morgue where the coroner did a complete autopsy. There was no cause of death. The deceased was in perfect health, except for the fact that he was definately dead.

No trauma, no wounds, no drugs in his system. Test after test came up with the same conclusion: the dead man was 100% healthy and 100% dead.

As he didn’t die because of failure of his heart, lungs, brain, or other bodily organs, why is he dead?

If it was murder, how was he killed? By whom and why?

His wife insisted it was murder, and demaned a full investigation.  Two top detectives were assigned to the case, and in the process of investigation, enlisted the help of someone with significant knowledge of the deceased, and suspicions of who would want him dead. Yes, the killer was “helping” the cops!

With the killer working with the cops to find out the truth behind the  man’s murder, things became progressivly strange…until a shocking revelation revealed an allegation of a second homicide so perverse, that even seasoned detectives were stunned.

Yep — that’s the story behind the forthcoming true crime book I’ve written with famed journalist Frank C. Girardot, Jr. and coming to you from Wild Blue Press.  The book doesn’t yet have a title, and there may be a network prime-time special to coincide with the book’s publication.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

What else is comming soon from Burl Barer?

A special edition of my private eye novel HEADLOCK. long out of print, this is one of my favorite books — after all, I always wanted to be the hero of a PI novel, and I am exactly that in this rave-reviewed but hard to find adventure told in the first person.  Other well known authors make appearances in the book, including G.M. Ford and Tony Fennelly.   Look for that one soon from Wild Blue Press.

Tsaintstickman-246x186[1]he famous Simon Templar returns in a brand new novel, THE SIGN OF THE SAINT, as soon as I finish the final chapters, and the Estate of Leslie Charteris gives its stamp of approval.


Oh, and I am pulling together all my research on the bizarre case of the six software executives in Denver who, raided in February 2005,  are either wrongly convicted patriotic anti-terrorist software developers who were the victims of an attempted software raid by the Department of Homeland Security, or convincing scam artists fleecing a fortune from temporary staffing agencies  It is not a matter of either /or.   There is no either/or in real life . It could be neither, it could be both, it could be none of the above– and I’m going to explore all angles.

I can tell you one thing: according to my personal  investigation, there is a tangential connection of this case to a crashed red Ferrari Enzo, worth more than $1 million. That sleek and impressive  vehicle went airborn at 162 mph on Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway, and descended  directly into a telegraph pole on February 21, 2006.  The elements and characters of the story lead to allegations of a $500 million scam on…….

dept of homeland securitythe Department of Homeland Security — a scam involving the development of anti-terrorism software.  There was no software, and when Homeland Security testified before congress, they had egg on their facial recognition due to an othe  guysutflow of $450 Million with nothing to show for it.

Coincidence?  Maybe. But one of the remarkable characteristics of  coincidences is that they are always coinciding. 

Don’t fret folks, unless I’m silenced by DHS — they don’t have to threaten me with bodily harm or an early grave — I take Payapal quite easily.  Hell, I don’t want to wind up like the guy who wrote Dark Alliance. —  I’ll bring you the entire inside story of the alledged attempted  $500 million scam of 2006, and the controversial arrest and conviction of the men known as the IRP6 exactly one year earlier.

PS: I do not own any kind of firearm, I don’t go hunitng, and I don’t drive.  If accidently shoot myself five times in the back, or if I accidently have a fatal crash my non-existent car , it wasn’t an accident. Besides, like the guy on the bedroom floor, I’m too healthy to be dead.

Barer and Girardot craft new True Crime book for Wild Blue Press

See that headline? Well, it’s not just some silly rumor — it’s a promise!  Award winning journalist and world renowned true crime commentator Frank C. Girardot and I have been having fun cranking out a few mini-true crime features as tie ins to DEADLY SINS — to mixed reviews — but we were testing our ability to merge our styles and attitudes as warm ups to giving you a full length NEW TRUE CRIME BOOK  of murder and mayhem.

burl and frankFrank and I found the story — the bizarre death of a beloved Los Angeles educator (also named Frank) with a special gift of reaching and uplifting troubled and disadvantaged youth.  Allegations and suspicions of “WHO MURDERED FRANK” were rampant, and his widow was badgering police to bring an alleged vengeful pedophile to justice — a perverse character who was out to repay Frank for the humiliation of having his sexual indiscretions revealed.  The biggest challenge was something that coroners usually figure out within 24 hours — no one could determine the cause of death because of one simple fact: Frank was in perfect physical health — too healthy to be dead!

<<<<<Frank Girardot and Burl Barer together under one umbrella! 

The medical examiner was stumped — no matter how many tests, no matter how intensive the autopsy and repeated lab work, this man’s only health issue was death!  It took two crafty L.A. County Detectives, a relentless widow, and a strangely cooperative primary suspect to reveal a twisted plot of deception, trickery, lies, fraud and intentionally misleading clues and “evidence” that would, in the process, reveal an alleged SECOND murder more disturbing and shocking than anything these seasoned crime fighters have ever encountered.  

To tell more would require spoiler alerts, but stay tuned as we are working like mad men to give you a slick combination murder mystery and true crime expose that will keep you turning the pages until your jaw drops in disbelief at one of the most shocking allegations in the history of contemporary true crime!

While you wait, amuse your self by making sure you have your Burl Barer book collection up to date!

And, YES,  I am still working on the climax of THE SIGN OF THE SAINT — a new full length Simon Templar novel. It has been delayed due to other projects intervening, but I promise it is ALMOST READY for submission to the Estate for their approval or pre-approval suggestions.  


TRUE CRIME OF TWO KINDS — or even three…

There are many forms of true crime — one of them is "State Crime"  That's when the crimes are committed by nations rather than individuals.  It is difficult to prosecute countries for their crimes because not all countries will submit to international law.  The USA, China, North Korea and Iraq, for example, refuse to sign the War Crimes treaty.  If you don't sign it, you can't be taken to court.

One of the worst state crimes is the persecution of the Baha'is in Iran following the 1979 revolution.

Love at the cost of life1My latest book, an adaptation of Pouran Rahimi's LOVE AT THE COST OF LIFE, is the authentic oral history of the repression, torture and execution of innocent people at the hands of a government run by fanatics.

It could happen here…the religion might be different, but any religion that thinks it is the only truth, and the last word, combined with political power, can make life hell for those who do not belong to their exclusive club.

I am very proud of this book, and I worked closely with Pouran Rahimi since 2008 to bring it to you.  All proceeds go to the Mona Foundation, a non-profit that does wonderful things.

My true crime book coming out in ManOverboard2September is the updated version of my classic "MAN OVERBOARD" — this new edition has all sorts of cool new stuff, including a snazzy new cover.  It is coming courtesy of WIld Blue Press. Check out their web site for more great books!

DEADLY SINS, the TV show hosted by my friend Darren Kavinoky, returns with Season 4, and once again they have asked me to participate. SURE!

So, look for me on TV more than ever this coming year!

Bhd close

Howard Lapides, Darren Kavinoky and Burl Barer on TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED on Outlaw Radio!

The Lee Goldberg/Burl Barer Proven Method of Writing Success: THE HOOK

Delighting in my nephew Lee Goldberg's announcement that his latest collaboration with Janet Evanovich is available for advance order, I shared this information with someone who asked, "Obviously, Lee Goldberg and you share some super secret proven method for success — one you have shared with Tod Goldberg, and other select relatives — or is it because Jews control the publishing industry, and as they are the only literate people left, they buy all your books? "

Resisting the temptation to answer, "yes, the secret is eating pork on Passover. We discovered that whule ghost writing the Secrets of the Elders of Zion," I marveled at another example of the cross polination of cultural stupidity and borderline anti-semitic disorder. 

Okay, here is what you need to replicate Lee Goldberg's success:  


 A KAYPRO portable computer with two 5 1/2" floppy drives.  It has a really cool metal case, and only weighs as much as a Volkswagen.  It was on this magic talent-crammed device that Lee wrote his thrill packed sex and violence paperback classics in his .357 Vigilante  series.  

His first published action novels came to life on the monochrome screen of this Kaypro.  Today, he continues the tradition of writing vastly entertaining novels — but I assure you, the KAYPRO is the real hero.

The next thing you will need is this:  A Franlin-Ace 1200 OMS. Franklin ace 1200

 It was on this device that I wrote my first published work. Lee and I rented a fishing cabin at Loon Lake, Washington. He brought his Kaypro, I brought my Franklin Ace 1200.  We set up the computers on the dining room table, and established a very effective regimen.  Writing, Eating, Fishing.   You can odd "noshing" as a sub-set of "eatng."  You can also break down "fishing" into still fishing or trolling. 




Once the hook is set, we reel you in by tension, expectaton and consistency- keeping that pressure on the line, knowing when to speed up and when to slow down until you dance across the serulian blue, slapping your tail in wild rhythm, leaping and dancing in an exciting adventure that could go any way at any moment.

And then we nosh.

Fisher Salted In Shell Peanuts - 8 Oz.