BLU is Swamped with Orders!!! Hope some are mine.

You have probably noticed the picture and direct link to BLU at the top of my website. BLU is the no smoke, no smell electronic cigarette that you can "smoke" anywhere you like — in restaurants, on planes, and MAYBE even on school property — after all, BLU contains no tobacco, so you are not violating any no tobacco rules. There is also no tar or other carcinogins. A heated vapor replicates the "impact" sensation of smoking — basically, it is simply an atomizer, and the warm steam just happens to taste like ..well, a cigarette… or like coffee! Yes, it has nicotine, unless you dont want nicotine. You can get BLU with the nicotine content of a regular full flavor smoke, a low nicotine version, or a nicotine free version. For those with brain based injuries or illnesses, nicotine is a beneficial dosage controlled medication that increases memory and word usage while regulating breathing and reducing the frequency of petit mall seizures. For those who don't have such injuries or illness, nicotine doesn'nt do any good, but if you are a smoker, this is a way of dealing with your addiction in a way that reduces harm and allows you the convenience of being able to "smoke" anywhere.

The demand for BLU has become so enermous, that today I received the following message from the president of the manufacturing cormpany. 

Dear blu affiliates, 

Due to the incredibly overwhelming demand for blu  and our pursuit of a great customer service experience, bluwill not be taking orders from the 7th to the 21st of July. This will give us time to clear our backlog and ease customer frustration. While we know pausing new orders will inconvenience our affiliates, we hope that it will greatly decrease the number of pending sales from your customers. This will also help to reduce cancellations dramatically, ensuring you receive payouts that suit your ongoing efforts. 

We definitely hope you will continue promoting blu after the 21st of July when we re-open orders. Many of you have had extremely high conversion ratios, so we hope you will return pushing traffic to us after the catch-up period on the 22nd of July. 

I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Jason Healy 
blu  cigs

That's cool, Jason ol'buddy, I hope some of those orders are from fans of Burl Barer
For more info on BLU, just click the picure at the top of the web page.

5 Responses to “BLU is Swamped with Orders!!! Hope some are mine.”

  1. DogsDontPurr

    Hey Burl~
    Have you used the Blu? If so, I would be interested in hearing what you thought of it from personal experience. My sister is always trying to stop smoking. It sounds like this might be helpful, or at least less of health risk than actual cigarettes. Let me know.
    Hope you are well. Take care~ Marcie

  2. Burl Barer

    I tried a competitor’s brand, but blue was not only less expensive, but had a variety of flavors AND an affiliate program! Sadly, they got very popular too fast and my order got pushed back…now I guess they are ready to ship.


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