Kensington Publishing sent me a report detailing how many people actually purchased a Burl Barer true-crime book between December 30th 2005 and June 30th 2005. I expected MURDER IN THE FAMILY to be the #1 seller — it always is.  NOT THIS TIME!!! WOWZERS! BODY COUNT Body_count
sold 34,408 copies in those six months, making total sales of 60,956 since it was published in September 2002.  That means over half of its total sales were in that six month period. WHY? I don’t know and I DON’T CARE!   MURDER IN THE FAMILY only sold 847 copies in those same six months, for a total of 65,217 since August 2000. Suddenly, BODY COUNT is selling like, well, a
  popular true crime book. Gee. How nice.  It is the story of murderer Robert Lee Yates, who killed probably about 20 women over 25 years, most of them in the final years of his killing spree. His victims — some of whom I knew — were all shot in the head at close range. VERY  CLOSE RANGE.  To find out why, buy the book!  Just click here:BODY COUNT!!! 
Of course, you can order ALL my books and have a Burl Barer fun fest.
Yeah, right.

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  1. Mike Barer

    I thought the spooky thing about the Yates thing is he was able to live in Walla Walla without attracting any suspicion. you or I could have been been in a line at Fleenor’s or the Eastgate Country Store with him or seen him somewhere after he killed Mary Savage and Patrick Oliver. I also knew Mary’s sister Nancy and Oliver’s brother Chris.


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