BONITA SAINT — 1990’s Cover Girl and Pet of the Month is Still Stunning, Smart and Sexy.

Bonita saint
Bonita Saint was a 36 month sensation in the 1990's highly competitive world of adult modeling. Her whirlwind career included iconic Penthouse photo spreads, and the cover of Larry Flint's Hustler Magazine.
 She also made a series of memorabe XXX videos " with such performers as Peter North. These DVDs continue selling briskly, and retain their popularity amongst collectors and afficianados.


Saint bo penthouse

Born in Los Angeles, the product of almost textbook "how not to succeeed" scearios of a series of foster families and foster homes, disrupted and incomplete education — "I dropped out," she admits, "but I got my GED. So I am a high school graduate" — she was suddenly famous by age twenty, spent three years in the limelight, and then experienced a rapid succession of tragedies that would ravage a lesser woman. "My husband went to Federal Prison," she tells me over soft drinks, "and a year later, my three kids went to God." She doesn't elaborate.

  As our conversations progress, I am impressed by her remarkable memory for details and descriptions that accompany many vastly amusing and/or informative stories about modeling, photography, performing and the relationships (or lack of them) that develop between people "acting" in adult films.

Honesty is one  of Saint's strongest and most admirable characteristics. In negotiations regareding her latest  enterprises, she is firm but reasonable, fairminded and has a good head for business.

Despite time and tragedies, Bonita Saint has the same looks as when she first began. The only alteration aside from increased depth and maturity, is that she had breast augmentation in late 1990's. Personally, I'm not a fan of breast augmentation except if a woman puts one in the center of her back — it makes her more fun to dance with.

She is blessed with one of those faces that a photographer or make up person loves — it is a canvas awaiting artistry.  Actually, I think her best days as a model are ahead of her — not in the realm of XXX, but in the mainstream world of fashion photography where the character of the face means more than the depth of cleavage.

Look at her again… see what I mean?


Bonita saint

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