Book Reviews — the pride, pain and anguish of reading reviews.

Lee Goldberg, my nephew who writes the MONK books, received a glowing review recently…well, he gets glowing reviews all the time, except for the usual hate mail that all authors of note regularly receive.  MR. MONK ON THE ROAD got a rave review today from the Gelati's Scoopblog. They said, in part:

This is probably the best Monk novel that Lee Goldberg has written by far, plain and simple, it's flat out awesome! […]Lee Goldberg has really taken the characters and fleshed them out more, gotten inside their heads, exposed their feelings and emotions on a level that hasn’t been done before, [giving] them a unique sense of self, where they stand with each other and the world, and a balance and symmetry that the characters have always craved but never had. This for me is the complete Mr. Monk novel: fun, tongue in cheek, over the top insanity mixed with equal parts mystery, action and an ending that ties everything up into a nice package.  Mr. Monk on the Road

I love reading rave reviews, and cringe reading the negative write-ups often posted on by people who may have an agenda other than making literary recommendations.   There was a coordinated "bad review" spam assault launched against author Steven Long a few y ears back, and Kevin M. Sullivan is dealing with a current mutation of an old problem: "Since January 24, 2009, I've been answering questions at the site Executed Today. Since that time, there have been over 1400 Q&A's, and it looks like the interest will continue there for some time. Recently, however, an individual has been commenting negatively and her attacks have become personal. Now, I believe, based on the usage of the English language, she is attempting to carry on her diatribe here [Amazon] as well. I do not mind a legitimate negative review, but untruthful, negative, and perhaps slanderous attacks I cannot abide."

Kevin is a hard working writer with the highest ethical standards, and the poor behavior of others is no reflection on him — except the poor behavior of others can manifest itself in a cruel attempt to hit Mr. Sullivan in the pocketbook.

The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History

Meanwhile, I don't know how much influence those Amazon reviews have on purchasing decisions, and my editor has advised me to ignore them for my own mental health. Easier said than done.  I peeked today at the reviews of my new book, Fatal Beauty. Guess what? A real nice one from Kevin M. Sullivan!

"Anyone familiar with Burl Barer, understands what they're getting in a book written by him long before they turn that first page: In-depth research, exceedingly revealing interviews, and straight-forward answers as to what exactly occurred in each case. And with FATAL BEAUTY he does just that. It's a quick paced narrative that keeps one on the edge of their seat, and sparks that unmistakable feeling that it's all happening right before their eyes." 

Fatal Beauty (Pinnacle True Crime)


One Response to “Book Reviews — the pride, pain and anguish of reading reviews.”

  1. Kimberly Cantrell

    Amazon reviewers on a mission are easy to spot and seldom paid much mind.
    I can respect someone who can handle a truthful review, so I’m going to add Kevin’s book to my reading list.
    And get ready, Burl, because tomorrow will probably be your turn at TCBRs if I FATAL BEAUTY today. 🙂


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