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Broken Doll

Broken Doll By Best Selling Author Burl Barer

In May 1988, in Everett, Washington, four-year-old Feather Rahier disappeared while playing outside after dinner. Her frantic cries drew Feather’s mother to the dark garage that was home to Richard Matthew Clark. Clark had stolen the child, bound and gagged her, and begun to undress her. Only at the last instant was the little girl saved by her mother’s desperate intervention. The next victim wouldn’t be so fortunate. On the night of March 31, 1995, seven-year-old Roxanne Doll, was abducted from the bedroom she shared with her younger sister. It was not until the following day that her mother discovered Roxanne’s disappearance. A week later, Roxanne’s raped and stabbed body was found. Evidence led investigators to a man the family had trusted as a friend: Richard Clark. Clark was a petty criminal, jailbird, alcohol and drug abuser who couldn’t control his pedophilic and homicidal urges. In April 1997, after his conviction for aggravated murder, he mocked and derided the dead girl’s parents in a shocking courtroom display. Here is the brutal, heartbreaking true story of the crimes and punishment of a monster who preyed on the most vulnerable victims of all–and of the determined prosecutor who swore to bring him to justice


Burl Barer picks his cases carefully, and each book takes us not only into the minds of killers and the broken lives affected by his or her actions, but into the very fabric of American society. BROKEN DOLL tells of Richard Mathew Clark, family "friend" who kidnaps, rapes and murders innocent 7-year old Roxanne, then actually goes camping with Roxanne's father. The lives and families of both victim and perpetrator are fully illumined, and we see with horrid clarity that the humanity of Clark was probably kidnapped raped and killed long before he crawled through the little girl's bedroom window and did to her body what was done to his mind. Brilliantly researched and written by America's master of investigative crime writing.

Luther Burbank - Amazon

With incredible insight and journalistic flair Barer once again proves his abilities as one of the top investigative crime writers. In this tragic story of aborted childhoods and destroyed dreams, your heart will break for the family of seven-year-old victim Roxanne Doll, and also for that of her killer, Richard Clark, who's own sense of self and human bonding was forever stilled at an early age. Broken Doll is undoubtedly Barer's best true crime book to date, and the best of the genre this year. I strongly urge every reader of true crime to order BROKEN DOLL.

Paige Turner - Amazon

Having read all of Burl Barer's work, I made certain to pick up his most recent, "Broken Doll", and was not dissapointed. Barer has an amazing ability to relate what would be a gruesome story with compassion and respect. True Crime is not my favorite genre, but Barer brings so much humanity to each of his books that I can get past the "16 pages of shocking photos" and focus on the tale itself. Highly recommended.

Anonymous - Amazon