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Fatal Beauty

Fatal Beauty By Best Selling Author Burl Barer

An Edgar Award-winning author relates the shocking true story of Texas beauty Rhonda Glover, a gold digger who killed her boyfriend, oil industry powerhouse Jimmy Joste, after pumping 10 bullets into him. Original.

Jimmy Joste, an oil industry powerhouse, was a slave to Rhonda Glover and gave her everything her greedy heart desired. Their 15 years of passion ended the day she entered the Austin home they once shared and pumped ten bullets into him. Rumours of child porn, drugs, and sex trysts quickly spread across the Lone Star State. In a packed courtroom, jurors would learn how a beautiful woman could be a monster.

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Fatal Beauty makes you think, and realize that darkness also lives in the hearts of women, perhaps a wake-up call, that killers can be just as manipulative in a pair of nylons and high heels. But the book is much more than a woman killing her lifetime partner who had it all. Rhonda Glover suffered from a condition directly from hell, her own mind. Glover is unable to process facts from reality. Should Glover have been convicted of murder? Or treated years earlier for mental illness? The author does a remarkable job in taking the reader through this true crime journey. It is a must read!

Nicki - Amazon

Burl Barer has written an interesting and provocative look into the mind of a female killer and presents to readers facts that were not brought up in the trial of Rhonda Glover. Readers come away with a better understanding of what went wrong in her mind, what demons live there and how delusional her thoughts become. Personally, I'm always fascinated by, not only the "who done it," but the "why did they do it" and Barer shows the answer is not always given at a trial. Thorough research is evident and through interviews with those surrounding the case, as well as Rhonda Glover herself, we get a better picture. As a relationship gone haywire, Fatal Beauty validates the fact that violence is not gender specific and evil often hides behind beauty.

Delilah - Amazon

Anyone familiar with Burl Barer, understands what they're getting in a book written by him long before they turn that first page: In-depth research, exceedingly revealing interviews, and straight-forward answers as to what exactly occurred in each case. And with FATAL BEAUTY he does just that. It's a quick paced narrative that keeps one on the edge of their seat, and sparks that unmistakable feeling that it's all happening right before their eyes. I highly recommend FATAL BEAUTY for anyone who wants to know what a body can do when a mind is in turmoil.

Kevin M. Sullivan - Amazon