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Mom Said Kill

Mom Said Kill By Best Selling Author Burl Barer

From an Edgar Award-winning author comes the shocking true story of Barbara Opel, a woman who convinced a group of teenagers, including her 13-year-old daughter, to savagely kill her boss. photos. Original.


Mom Said Kill follows a very precise time line. We follow the case event by event, from the investigation to the final outcome, and each new step sets in motion more debates,arguments, and efforts to unravel what "really" happened. Barer paints a good picture of the kind victim who maybe "saw it coming" but did nothing to stop it -- a guy who was too trusting, to ready to forgive, and way too generous to the wrong people. This story gave me the creeps, but it made me think about things I hadn't really thought about before. Mom Said Kill is a very good true crime book, and Burl Barer has a smooth writing style. If you like true crime, you will like this book.

Judi Faye - Amazon

Burl Barer's latest true crime book "Mom Said Kill" is another example of his superior talent. This case is terribly sad, with so many more victims that just Mr. Heiman - Jerry's mother, his children, the youngest of the Opel children and from my POV Heather Opel as well. He brings up social issues such as the handling of juvenile crime in our society as well as (obviously) parenting methodolgies and how they can impact the lives and futures of our children. Highly recommended.

ReaderGirl - Amazon