BORING AND LONG WINDED/Purrfect brreasts

Once again, I’m semi-manic — almost no sleep in three days. Oh I get real tired and go to bed and forty five minutes later I am wide awake and back on the computer. Today, I went to the UK site and found that some …er…uh….FUCKTARD (thanks, Tod) gave my book HEAD SHOT one star and termed it "boring and long winded" because it consisted (she wrote) of "99% lawyer jargon"
Well ms prissy UK ignoramous — you wouldnt know fact crime journalism if it cornered you in a well lit shopping mall and stained your knickers with DNA.  Obviously this brain dead critic has no idea in hell what it takes to distill five trials and an appeal to the State Supreme Court into any type of narrative, let alone one that interplays appropriately with the structural considerations of an entry in the Pinnacle True Crime series.
Then again, she didn’t like it. And right now I am having Deja Vu because last year I had a dream where I was writing this — and now I am writing this! HA. MAD THEY CALL ME!!! 

Alan Blangy, you notice, posted a comment about Dogsdontpurr’s breasts being 100% authentic because (as we all know or have inferred) he uses them for his personal amusement — sort of like mini-trampolines of lust. 360laagmettextgr


3 Responses to “BORING AND LONG WINDED/Purrfect brreasts”

  1. DogsDontPurr

    You’ve almost got some haiku going there, Burl, but you’ve got to get your pentameter straight.
    And Mike, your accountant need not be notified of your wayward purchases!

  2. Mike Barer

    Don’t sweat the bad review. If anything, be happy that she bought and read your book.
    I’m sure Shakespeare had some bad reviews.


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