Braiker Radio Services II — What is Success?

My recent post about Braiker Radio Services caused some dismay to Ivan Braiker, as his posted comment makes clear.  It was not my intention to besmirch Ivan (we always got along fine), nor place blame on him for the demise of BRS — I was not "in the loop" when it comes to internal financial stuff at the company, and blame is only important to drunks and lawyers.  

What motivated the post was the combination of two things: The Company Men, a new movie about dedicated employees losing their jobs, and Ivan Braiker's resume, which doesn't mention BRS.  My "bottom line" message, unclear as it may have been in my first post, is this:   

Braiker Radio Services was a success. It brought together the best available talent in a unified and supportive atmosphere where everyone's goals and objectives were harmonized to deliver the highest quality product in the most affordable manner possible.  There is no denying the quality of programming, talent, or service. Those who used the service, LOVED the service.   I am proud to have been part of BRS, and just because a company folds, and dedicated employees (and employers) suffer, doesn't mean it wasn't a success.

Having been President of a cutting edge media enterprise, Barer Cable Advertising, Inc., I know first hand how a viable concept, coupled with professional execution, can still teeter on the brink of financial collapse. In our situation, we quickly realized that the faster we grew, the faster we would go broke! Thankfully, we were able to revise our business model, secure additional financing, and became one of the most financially successful independent cable advertising companies in America. 

Barer Cable Advertising, Inc. no longer exists, as the company's markets were acquired by the Multi-System Operators to which we were sub-contracted. Yes, it was a win-win deal. I walked away with a big chunk of loot, all my former employees had jobs, and the cable companies simply took over well established and profitable markets. 

Ivan Braiker's company wasn't as fortunate financially, but that does not diminish one iota from the indisputable truth that  BRS delivered what it said it would deliver — quality programming by top professionals at an affordable price.

So, Ivan, if what I wrote hurt your feelings, I apologize.  Even praise, improperly presented, may be hurtful.  It remains my opinion that BRS is something about which you can be proud, and is worthy of being included on your professional resume. BRS is universally acknowledged as the greatest combination of professional broadcast talent ever assembled under one banner, delivering unquestioned quality and service. It was the essence of excellence, and as your name was on it, you deserve accolades for its success, even if short lived. 

I remain, your friend,

Burl Barer


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