My 2003 true crime book, BROKEN DOLL, was re-released this month as a "True Crime Classic."  If you missed it first time around, here’s your chance to grab it.
Burl Barer picks his cases carefully, and each book takes us not only
into the minds of killers and the broken lives affected by his or her
actions, but into the very fabric of American society. BROKEN DOLL
tells of Richard Mathew Clark, family "friend" who kidnaps, rapes and
murders innocent 7-year old Roxanne, then actually goes camping with
Roxanne’s father. The lives and families of both victim and perpetrator
are fully illumined, and we see with horrid clarity that the humanity
of Clark was probably kidnapped raped and killed long before he crawled
through the little girl’s bedroom window and did to her body what was
done to his mind. Brilliantly researched and written by America’s
master of investigative crime writing

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