Burl Barer Gets Grilled Saturday by Don Woldman!

Don Woldman, famed attorney, puts his co-host Burl Barer in the hot seat this Saturday 2pm Pacific time, 4pm Central, and 5pm Eastern  Listen  LIVE by clicking this link!


 Burl's new book MOM SAID KILL has its official release October 7th.  

 "I gave Don an advance copy of the book," said Barer. "By Saturday, he will know more about it than I do, and I wrote the damn thing."  

It's one thing to write a book, and another thing to read it. In this situation, one host wrote it and the other read it. 

"Don is brilliant and preceptive," said Barer, "and I am exceptionally eager to hear of his experience reading the book, and find out what questions or issues it raised in his mind. I know what questions I wanted the book to raise, but I may be surprised completely by Don's questions and comments. We aren't rehearsing this at all. It's going to be live and unscripted, just like all our other shows….except I'll try to not be such a smart ass this week."



True Crimes is produced by Matt Alan, and broadcast LIVE from an 1876 Virginia City style bar in Matt Alan's backyard in the hills of Encino. If you have questions or comments for or about the show, send them to: Outlawcrime@yahoo.com. All emails received prior to 1pm Pacific on the day of the show will be answered on the air.

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