This is my beloved blog. Most folks find it via burlbarer.net.  Right now, however, my personal website is undergoing a massive restructuring, re-designing, and spiffifying!  Very soon, when you type in burlbarer.net you will land on a really snazzy web site that cost a king's reansom…a small balkan king, but a king nonetheless.

Meanwhile, here's the latest Burl Barer news and commentary:

Murder in the familuMy New York TImes Best Seller, MURDER IN THE FAMILY, is going to be remaindered by Pinnacle True Crime in a few months.  That means you should buy as many copies as humanly possible before I no longer get paid!   Hey, it's been in print fourteen years, and is due for a new cover anyway.

Besides I have the ebook and audio rights, so it will be available in those formats in 2015.

 Love at the cost of life1LOVE AT THE COST OF LIFE is finally available — over twenty years in the making…and I'm proud to have provided the English language adaptation of this important historical work. Is it true crime? Damn Right! It is what is technically called "State Crime" — that's when the crime is commited by the State, rather than by an individual.  It is difficult to arrest and prosecute a State.


You are invited to own the complete Burl Barer Library of fine books! Visit your favorite on-line bookseller, or you friendly local book store, and simply say,"If it's by Burl Barer, I want to own it!"


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