Burl Barer’s Blog is BACK!

Okay fun lovers, you probably noticed that when you came to burlbarer.net it took you to outlawcrime.com    That wasn't because I didn't want this blog site..there were some..uh "complications" that had to be resolved….and NOW the BLOG IS BACK!!!

Of course if you want to see what's happening on my TRUE CRIMES show with Don Woldman, just go to http://outlawcrime.com!

Today I am in TEXAS! Yes, the lovely environs of Austin. I'm staying with my darling daughter and her handsome, hard working husband. They have three wonderful dogs and a big screen TV.  I am very happy here, and am able to concentrate on my new book about the Rhonda Glover homicide case. The lovely woman in the photo is Rhonda. The fellow in the photo is not the guy she killed.  She is in prison for murder. She shot her b/f Jimmy Joste ten times and claimed self defense. She was in the bedroom, he was in the hall. She had a Glock 9mm, and he had…well….nothing.

He was rich, she was beautiful.  He is dead. She is in prison. This isn't a happy story. But, it is a story of the rich and handsome and lovely and how even they are not immune from bizarre behavior and sudden death.  I'll have the book done by this summer, and it will come out sometime after that. I'll keep you posted.

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