It's that time of the year again — the time of the year when Burl Barer shows up on your television more often than Santa Clause riding a Norelco razor. Deadly Women - S03E013 - Blood LinesWhy now? Because the big shows are running re-runs and specials…and marathons….and that means ID's DEADLY WOMEN is re-running BLOOD LINES where I appear commenting on the re-enactment of the Barbara Opel case — you know, the one where mom promises the kid a dirt bike in exchange for murder.

MOM SAID KILLMom Said Kill is the book I wrote about the Opel Case, and in both the paperback and the ebook, the kid still doesn't get the dirt bike!

Meanwhile, Oxygen Network is running SNAPPED with the Rhonda Glover Episode in which I appear wearing the same red tie I wore on DEADLY WOMEN. The Rhonda Glover case is, of Fatal beauty cover course, the basis of my latest true crime book, FATAL BEAUTY.  This wonder of modern factual literature, spanning not only the case in specific, but how our justice system handles the delusional yet deadly in general, will either having you praising my remarkable research and writing abilities, or bitching and moaning that I reveal right away who pulled the trigger, and there was no surprise ending. Sorry about that. True Crime books are usually written after the conviction, but there are still many mysteries to solve. 

Wait…there's more…I'm also showing up on National Geographic! No, not as a topless African woman or a lion eating a zebra, but on the Dog Whisperer.  I did two Dog Whisperer shows with Cesar Milan, and they re-run them all the time, especially this time of year…something heart warming about me making Cesar crack up laughing that folks enjoy. 

So, if you see a tall dark handsome lipless Jewish Baha'i with a red tie or a white American Pit Bull Terrier show up on your TV, it's just the legendary Burl Barer making dog gone sure you have a homicidal holiday season!

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