Burl Barer in the Movies

Some of my loyal readers were recently shocked when they discovered that the International Movie Database lists Burl Barer as an actor! Was I really in a movie? Did I actually have dialog?  Yes, ‘fraid so.  OK, I am only in one scene of the low-budget action flick, THE LAST RIDE, and even I didn’t see it until recently.  I’ll save you the trouble of digging up the entire film just to see me — here I am with an interesting haircut portraying a parole board officer in the action pic, THE LAST RIDE — for some reason, the audio is not synced to the video — its ok on the film, but not on this clip after it was uploaded… some techie can probably explain that:

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  1. DogsDontPurr

    I can’t remember the exact details now, but I do remember that after the film was shot, there was some conflict between that snotty little producer lady and her production company. Either she was being fired or they weren’t going to pay her what was promised, or something like that….so she destroyed all the sound reels. All the voices had to be dubbed over.
    Months after it was finished, one of the actors, Renn Reynolds, had a party for some of the cast and crew to screen the film, and I remember how everyone was shocked at how wrong the voices were. I think most of us thought it was hysterical! But Renn Reynolds went ballistic! He was outraged! He threatened to sue! Then he got really really drunk as the party went on. Bad form when you’re hosting the party….Oy! Fun times!
    (BTW, you look *hot* in that shot!)

  2. Burl Barer

    HA! You think I look hot there, wait till you see how adorable I look in “SURREALISM,” now available on DVD. I’ll post that clip soon.

  3. david Zarkin

    Congratulations on Hollwyood adulation etc. I will look for this epic but doubt that I will find it at Mr. Movies. Maybe the dollar store? Me bad.


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