Burt Renolds kicked off the new "MASTER ACTORS CLASSES" at the Screen Actors Guild with a fascinating, touching, and memorable evening hosted by Paul Ryan — the best interviewer in the business.Paul_tie

No kidding. Paul Ryan is ABSOLUTELY the best. Okay, maybe Charlie Rose given him a run for the title, but Ryan is so damn good it is amazing. He is 100% prepared, knows exactly what to ask, when to ask it, and how to ask it — his questions are always perfect prompts that encourage/allow his guest to open up and reveal more.  Backstage, after the event, Burt Reynolds said to Ryan "Hey, I gotta tell ya…I was wandering sometimes all the way to China, and you were like an anchor, a brick..you always brought me right back, on track, and to the point I really wanted to make. I can’t thank you enough."

So with all that praise for Paul Ryan out of the way, allow me to praise Burt Reynolds.

This wasn’t a
"performance" — this was an actor who has had incredible career ups and downs — including two years in a coma, pain killer addiction, and five years as the #1 box office attraction in the world, speaking to his fellow actors about life, what’s really important, and what it has been like for him in showbusiness. It was funny, touching, often sad, and more often hilarious. If you ever wondered what that guy is really like, I can tell you he is very real, very authentic, and not full of bullshit. Yes, he’s a nice guy.

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