Capture the Saint

Robert Evans, famed Hollywood producer, was responsible – more or less
– for THE SAINT starring Val Kilmer. While the film was not as much a
mega-hit and franchise launcher as hoped — perhaps because it was an
origin story and not "The Saint" as anticipated — it did quite well
and stirred up new interest in the Robin Hood of Modern Crime, Simon
Templar. The Saint web site  is going great guns, and is continually updated with news, rumours, and other cool stuff.

too long ago, Evan’s office contacted me. He wanted a copy of my
novel,Capture the Saint. Mr. Evans forgot that I gave him a personally
autographed copy the same week it was released, and he had it sitting
on his bookshelf. That’s lucky for him as there are currently no new
copies available.  The first printing was limited to 600 signed and
numbered books, and the second printing was the Limited Edition of 200
commissioned by Volvo as a special gift for journalists attending the
test drive of their new cars in Seattle.  However, if Robert Evans…or
you…wants an additional copy, you can find one or more on  The original price was approx $15 USD, but  I recently saw
it here on for $85 USD, and a copy in Australia being
offered for $125. If you have a copy, maybe someday it will be worth a
king’s ransom. A small Balkan king, but a king nonetheless.

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