Car Wreck on I-5. No, not my career.

So, there we were, zipping down I-5 South heading towards the San Diego Zoo when a lovely lith lady in a hybrid crashed into the back of the recently recalled and repaired Toyota. I waxed philosophical while AAA hookled us up for a tow. " This was  undoubtedly either an act of God by the Almighty to keep us from being eaten by an escaped tiger," I said whimsically while checking the functionality of my body parts, "or an act of a negligant Korean on an interstate highway."  Everyone, including AAA, opten for the latter. Yeah, well, no one asked the tiger.

Instead of calling AAA, we should have called AA and told them we were in an accident and wanted to drink over it. Shadoe Stevens would have come out, towed the car, and bought us coffee.


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