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Hang ’em High is not the name of a new wild west high school. It is a bold plan to bring back public executions for drug dealers. What stone age brain trust thought up this long disproved method of behavior control?  The United States of America, but not at the Federal level.  Public hangings for… Read more »


There was breakthrough in addiction understanding and treatment in 1986 when Dr. J. K. Phelp’s published The Hidden Addiction.  Phelp’s research stated that underlying all addiction was a genetic flaw in how certain people’s bodies processed carbohydrates. Dr. Phelps explains that addiction does not result primarily from emotional stress, lack of willpower, or some other… Read more »

The Fury with the Syringe on Top! A/R e-B Again!

‘I was really hoping my boyfriend could get into Beit T’Shuvah in Los Angeles,” says my friend on Facebook Messenger, “that’s the rehab I went to – actually more than once -but they aren’t taking any new people right now because of this whole virus thing. That is too bad because he would be perfect… Read more »


  DEATH THREATS HAUNT TRUE CRIME AUTHORS. More death threats. I get them every so often, but I don’t take them too seriously. Mostly I get them from corrupt law enforcement employees who think I am going to expose their corruption. I don’t do that. That’s not my job.  I would rather expose the valor dedication… Read more »

Freedom to Hyperlink! Read this and be incredulous.

Hey, did you see the story in the newspaper about…..?  You didn’t? Oh, it is kind of interesting. I’ll send you the link.” When we say “link” we mean hyperlink.  You click on it, and it takes you to something.,  Example: Here is a link to Burl Barer’s brilliant website. My friend Leonard Buschel shared… Read more »

The Barer Report: National Addiction Foundation:

  The following Op-Ed feature is by award-winning investigative journalist Burl Barer.  Mr. Barer has been pro-active in the support of effective prevention and treatment of alcoholism and addiction since 1973 when he served on the Seattle Mayor’s Task Force on Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention. Often outspoken and admittedly opinionated, the views expressed are… Read more »


It was a thrill to write, and the rave reviews make all three of your dedicated co-authors delighted. Now, all we need is for YOU, dear reader, to buy the damn thing! Lucky for you, it is available as an ebook for Kindle, in paperback or as an excellent audio book narrated by Kevin Pierce…. Read more »

Seatac Media’s live stream goes dead and I’m pissed off. is the ultimate excellent repository of Seattle-Tacoma media lore, information, airchecks AND, up until now, a 24 hr Internet radio station playing great oldies PLUS excellent new shows including my very own True Crime Uncensored’s Greatest Hits. Despite the educational and historic value of’s streaming “radio station” it has been forced to go… Read more »