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SEAN YOUNG — The Woman who Skates on Thin Ice.

Sean Young's birthday, November 20th, finds this dynamic and effervescent actress on ice skates — a victorious metaphor for a woman who, in the opinion of more than a few shallow showbizybodies, has been skating on thin ice for the past decade.   I've followed Ms Young's career with interest — and not simply because… Read more »

The Ultimate Photographer! Fred Wolfson.

Fred Wolfson is already famous as a world class private investigator — now he is even more famous as the finest photographer in Los Angeles!  Whatever you want photographed — be it for your career, a family event or any occasion, it will look better if you have it done by Fred Wolfson of Look… Read more »


All this time I thought faithful readers of my blog really wanted more information about writing, ghost writing, editing, literature, etc…..but NO…according to DogsDontPurr, you want to see scantily clad pictures of my g/f!  Well, you are NOT going to see those. If you want to see scantily clad maidens there are plenty of places… Read more »

Suzanne Somers Faux Cashmere Sweater

When one writes true crime, mysteries, and pop culture for a living, it’s easy to forget that there is life beyond research, keyboards, and word processing.  Here is a dose of hard core reality from my personal llife. My g/f asked my opinion of her brand new Suzanne Somers Faux Cashmere Sweater….. Yes, this is… Read more »