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No, I didn't win a Scribe Award this year. I had no submissions. so that greatly reduced by odds of winning anything.  Scribe Awards are given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers..what that means is that we write books/games/movies that are "tied in" to existing ..uh…well…here is an example:  STAR TREK was a… Read more »

Important Tips for Writers: 2 Lessons in Detachment.

All authors love praise, and I am certainly no exception. We are also a sensitive bunch, and I recall every negative review as if it were a puncture wound to my heart with a serated steak knife.   Here is an excerpt from a positive review by Carl Brookings of my book HEADLOCK in which… Read more »

THE SAINT : Simon Templar, the Robin Hood of Modern Crime!

It's been non-stop SAINT the past few weeks as we work on the screenplay for the new two hour TV-Movie  THE SAINT IN NEW ORLEANS.  We keep revising, re-writing, answering network notes, etc.  It keeps getting better, and there ARE some very funny lines and some hot-hot action!  I thought we had nailed it good… Read more »