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No, I didn't win a Scribe Award this year. I had no submissions. so that greatly reduced by odds of winning anything.  Scribe Awards are given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers..what that means is that we write books/games/movies that are "tied in" to existing ..uh…well…here is an example:  STAR TREK was a… Read more »

Important Tips for Writers: 2 Lessons in Detachment.

All authors love praise, and I am certainly no exception. We are also a sensitive bunch, and I recall every negative review as if it were a puncture wound to my heart with a serated steak knife.   Here is an excerpt from a positive review by Carl Brookings of my book HEADLOCK in which… Read more »

THE SAINT : Simon Templar, the Robin Hood of Modern Crime!

It's been non-stop SAINT the past few weeks as we work on the screenplay for the new two hour TV-Movie  THE SAINT IN NEW ORLEANS.  We keep revising, re-writing, answering network notes, etc.  It keeps getting better, and there ARE some very funny lines and some hot-hot action!  I thought we had nailed it good… Read more »


My original Saint novel, CAPTURE THE SAINT, is the only Saint novel in which the copyright rests with someone other than Leslie Charteris. That honor belongs to me. For that reason, television and movie producers often contact me about acquiring the rights to this singular adventure — and then send a contract proposal that, in the… Read more »