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EMAIL FRAUD CHAIN LETTER — Write your own, I did!

In this day and age, absurd nonsense worthy of Saturday Night Live such as "death panels," and frauds such as the fake "Kenya birth certificate," are swallowed whole by  fearful citizens manipulated by immoral pundits and asshat politicians. Thankfully there are sources of fact and accuracy ever ready to reveal the "real truth" and point out the real danger… Read more »


One of life’s peculiar characteristics is its uncanny ability to imitate art.  That’s why they call it “life,” trust me on this.   My daughter, Anea, and I were having this deep erudite and cookie fueled conversation about “identity pegs” – you know, people pegging their identity, self worth, etc to absurd reference points.   Example::… Read more »


Margo Swenson has sent me five emails today, and I have never heard of her in my life. Not only that, but dear Margo thinks I am OBESE and  emotionally distressed about it.    Margo had the nerve to write: "We know you hate the extra pounds, the ugly look and the social stigmata attached… Read more »